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Welcome to the wonders of the wild coast

We take you on a fast and secure adventure that you will never forget. 

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Explore the Untouched Beauty of

Southern Africa

South Africa is a diverse country not only known for its culture, food and amazing views but also the home to two dirt bike playgrounds – the Wild coast and Lesotho.  

You will explore the Wild Coast with it’s remote 254 km coastline, home of traditional heritage fishing villages, it’s windswept beaches, succulent and spring wildflowers. Whilst you travel to Lesotho, home to breath-taking views, snow-capped mountains, the heart of the country, you’ll explore the wonders the best way possible.  

We had the privilege to take the Royal Prince William and Harry, on a 7 Day Adventure back in 2007 where they explored the beauty of the wild coast.

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The earlier you contact the dirt bike tours team, the more cost-effectively we can plan your trip. With teams dedicated to planning these tours, we can assure that no stone will be left unturned as we plan your trip of a life time.

Find your dates.

Tours take several months to plan and booking early is essential to ensure that you get the dates that suit your work schedule back home aswell as the riding season here in South Africa.

Deposit required on booking.

In order to ensure your date gets booked with the hotels, we require a 50% deposit to be payable before any tour dates get booked. Get in contact with our team for a quote to meet your requirements.

Our team handles the rest.

Let our team from Dirt Bike Tours take care of all the finer details from shuttle transfers and flight bookings to hotel sleeping arrangements and menu options. Let us take care of the organisation, while you take care of the riding.

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Duration of tours we offer:

3 Days


Difficulty: 3/5

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5 Days


Difficulty: 3/5

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7 Days


Difficulty: 5/5

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Adventure stories

Awesome experience every year, well organised, nice technical riding for all levels of expertise in our group of 10, great food, chilled vibe, and the most beautiful scenery South Africa has to offer. Highly recommended!
Steven Lapere
Epic adventure off the beaten track with great people. Beautiful scenery, awesome riding, great food and well organised.
Had a great time like always with Red Cherry!
Maritz Laubscher


What type of bikes will we use?

We use the “bulletproof“ CRF 230. The bike has just enough clearance to get over most of the challenging terrain that riders get faced with. Accompanied with the lower seat height is a very predictable motor that will allow even a novice rider to get out of some hairy situations. The routes can be varied for all groups and can be adjusted based on how the group is doing at any stage.

I want to cancel my trip?

Due to pre-booking the year ahead we require 2 months notice for any cancellations

How big of a group can join?

We only accept groups for this particular adventure, You will have the option of choosing mild or wild. Group can be between 8-30.