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Enduro Africa Reunion Ride

I trust that you have some happy memories of your adventure on the Wild Coast and our aim of the Enduro Africa Reunion is to rekindle those memories. We also realise that it is 17 years since the inaugural Enduro Africa and we have all aged a bit and not quite in the shape we used to be so you can decide if you want to go Mild or want to go Wild . Also participation in this event is open to all and is not limited to old Enduro Africa Riders.

We will use the hotels from Morgans Bay to Coffee Bay and stay 2 nights at most of the hotels. It’s your choice if you want to ride every day or whether you want to chill in the bar or beach.
Out of each Ride Fee, we will be donating 500 pounds to our charity Touch Africa. The charity’s focus is ECD (Early Childhood Development) and these funds will be used to build a new creche for 50 kids, and implement a feeding scheme for a 12-month period. Check out www.touchafrica.co.za and see the great work we do.

The Dates

We are doing back to back rides and we thought November 2024 would be a good time to vist the sunny Wild Coast and escape the start of the English Winter.

Ride 1

8 – 16 November 2024

Ride 2

18 – 27 November 2024

The Bikes

The bikes are still the trusty Honda CRF 230 and are our weapon of choice for the Reunion ride. We are sure that you still have great memories of the Honda’s and what they are capable of.

8 nights hotel


All meals including lunches

Honda CRF 230 rental,

all fuel and spare bike.

Airport transfer from

East London.

A backup vehicle

and luggage truck

All required permits

Available Packages

Rider Package


These costs include:

1. HONDA CRF 230 bike rental & fuel

2. Spare Bikes

3. 8 nights’ accommodation

4. All meals including lunches

5. 2 guides

6. A back up vehicle and luggage truck

8. All permits

9. Airport Transfer from East London

Supporter Package

£975 / pp.

Bring your wife, husband, family and friends along and they will be transferred in a luxury bus from hotel to hotel.

Book and pay a 20% deposit before 31 December and get a discount of 10% off the package. Open to 20 riders.

These costs include:

1. 8 nights’ accommodation

2. All meals including lunches

3. Transportation with luggage from hotel to hotel in an air-conditioned bus.

4. Airport Transfer from East London

Note: Package excludes drinks, gratuities, Telephone calls, sundries, and flights. 


We will use the below hotels from Morgans Bay to Coffee Bay and stay 2 nights at most of the hotels. It’s your choice if you want to ride every day or whether you want to chill in the bar or beach.

Day 1 | 8th / 18th Nov | Morgan Bay Hotel.

After a pleasant overnight flight, you will arrive at East London Airport, where an air-conditioned shuttle bus, loaded with ice-cold beers, will transport you to the beautiful Morgan Bay Hotel. Upon arrival, you will be shown to your rooms, and an introduction to your bikes will be scheduled for the early afternoon. Enjoy sundowners at Black Cliffs, setting the scene for the next eight days of Bikes and Beers!

Day 2 | 9th / 19th Nov | Kob Inn Beach Resort.

Welcome to the Wild Coast as we cross the mighty Kei River by Motorised Ferry and embrace the magnificent Wild Coast, with stopovers at Trenneries, Wavecrest, and Mazeppa Bay Hotel. Our last challenge for the day is the mighty Gorge and crossing the Qora River. From here, it’s all the way to the shore with the Wild Coast’s finest, Kob Inn Beach Resort. Nestled right on the Indian Ocean shore, flanked by the river and the sea.

Day 3 | 10th / 20th Nov | Kob Inn Beach Resort

There is no pressure, and you have various ways to spend your day at Kob Inn. The options include riding your bike for 2 to 4 hours, taking a circular route via the magnificent Shixini, or simply chilling on the beach. You can even enjoy a leisurely sleep in. The choice is yours. It’s your holiday, so enjoy it.

Day 4 | 11th / 21st Nov | Ocean View Hotel

After a good rest day at Kob Inn, we head along the coast, riding on rolling grass hills until we reach the quaint village of Beecham Woods. We have to cross two mighty rivers, namely the Nqabara and Mbashe, which is an easy 30km gravel road ride. Then, we return along the coast, passing by Hole in the Wall, and reach our final destination: the Ocean View Hotel, which is virtually on the beach in a small magnificent bay between great towering cliffs and the sparkling Indian Ocean.

Day 5 | 12th / 22nd Nov | Ocean View Hotel

Once again, this is your day, and whether you feel up to a ride, it’s your call. The area around Coffee Bay is Dirt Bike Heaven, and the views will blow you away. If it’s all too much, you can visit the various drumming spots in Coffee Bay, have lunch on the cliffs of White Clay, or enjoy a beer overlooking the famous Hole in the Wall.

Day 6 | 13th / 23rd Nov | The Haven Hotel

When God made a riding day, this is it. The beautiful cliffs, golden beaches, and incredible views will make this a very memorable day for all. A stopover at Bulls Inn, Bulungulu Backpackers, and crossing the Xora can be described in one word: AWESOME! Our final stop at the Haven Hotel with its friendly staff is our favorite spot on the Wild Coast. It’s a very easy day, so we don’t need a rest for Day 7.

Day 7 | 14th / 24th Nov | Wavecrest Hotel & Spa

This day covers a long distance, but it’s short in terms of time spent in the saddle. We’ll be riding to the town of Wiollowvale to refuel. From there, we’ll continue through Cats Pass onto the Mazeppa Bay Road and head down to the coast via the Manubi State Forest. Finally, we’ll arrive at another gem along the Wild Coast, namely the Wavecrest Hotel and Spa. We should reach our destination by lunchtime, providing everyone with the opportunity to relax in the jacuzzi on the deck during the afternoon.

Day 8 | 15th / 25th Nov | Morgan Bay Hotel

You’ll have a late start in the morning at 9 am, and the ride to the Morgan Bay Hotel will be fast and furious, allowing you to arrive in time for showers and lunch. This is the time to catch up with some washing, laze on the beach and rekindle memories of the last 8 days on the most beautiful coastline in the world. That evening is the official Finisher shirt handover and a Reunuion party of note.

Day 9 | 16th / 26th Nov | Morgan Bay Hotel

Could be a slow start for some as the shuttle bus awaits and transfers to East London. Depending on flight times we could visit a local game reserve on the way and check out some cool spots of the Sunshine Coast.

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