7 Day Tour

Dirt Bike Tours

An epic 7-day Dirt Bike Tour going through the Wild Coast of South Africa and the mountains of Lesotho.

Experience the wild coast of South Africa and venture into Lesotho with the team from Dirt Bike Tours.

7 Days


6 Nights

Beach House and Hotel Accommodation 

6-15 Pax

Group-Booking Essential

Day 1

Group will be collected from East London Airport and transported to Kei Mouth. A great days ride to Kob Inn – 85km. The route takes us past the famous Jacaranda shipwreck and many river crossings. The Kobonqaba, Cebe and Qora being our big 3 for Day 1. The gorge between Mazeppa Bay and Kob Inn being the final obstacle .The degree of difficulty is about 3 out of 5. Overnight at Kob Inn Hotel.

Day 2

Group departs from Kob Inn along the coast over the Jujura River and onto the magnificent Shixini point. We head north to cross this mighty river and pass Beecham wood onto our regroup with the back up vehicle at Bashee River. After leaving the Bashee we head through the Haven reserve and onto our Beach house at Xora.

Day 3

Ride to Coffee Bay (Best riding in the world!!!!!). We cross the Xora river about 6km upstream and wind our way down to Bulungulu and up the coast. Beautiful scenery and massive grass hills make this a very special day. The final mine Chute to the magnificent Hole in the Wall and Coffee Bay brings this stunning day to an end. A visit to the local backpackers for a drumming experience is on offer.

Day 4

An early morning departure by bus to the Lesotho border at Quachas Neck. We arrive at 1pm and offload the bikes. It’s a great adventure as we head north into the Maluti Mountains and arrive at the pony trekking station of Malealea Lodge.

Day 5

Another great day awaits departing Malealea Lodge as we tackle the Devils Staircase to the Makhaleng River and then we traverse the famous Ribaneng gorge and visit our Lengau school en route. It’s one of the finest days on a dirt bike as we wind our way to the awesome guest lodge of Ramabanta. The remoteness will blow you away.

Day 6

This is a big day for the bikers as we tackle the famous Baboons Pass on our way to the “Place of Smoke” namely Semonkong lodge. Baboons pass is infamous and this 23km challenge will take the average group 6 to 7 hrs to complete winding our way up to 7000 ft as we crest the Malutis. Semonkong is the highest lodge in Lesotho.

Day 7

It’s a day of choices. Either we tackle the downhill of Baboons Pass or we take the easy windy gravel road down to Ramabanta Lodge for lunch. We then have another choice to cross the famous Roof of Africa pass of Music Box into our final overnight stop, the Trading Post. A traditional South African barbeque and lots of cold Maluti Lagers are the order of the day.