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Dirt Bike Tours

Through South Africa and Lesotho, All year round!

Explore the Untouched Beauty of

Southern Africa

South Africa is a diverse country not only known for its culture, food and amazing views but also the home to two dirt bike playgrounds – the Wild coast and Lesotho.

You will explore the Wild Coast with it’s remote 254 km coastline, home of traditional heritage fishing villages, it’s windswept beaches, succulent and spring wildflowers. Whilst you travel to Lesotho, home to breath-taking views, snow-capped mountains, the heart of the country, you’ll explore the wonders the best way possible.

We had the privilege to take the Royal Prince William and Harry, on a 7 Day Adventure back in 2007 where they explored the beauty of the wild coast.

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3 Days, R11 300

Kob Inn

For the next 3 Days, Kob Inn and our Beach house will be your homebound and resting place. You’ll travel through the wild coast with a group and explore not only the famous Jacaranda shipwreck, The Kobonqaba but you’ll also be heading North towards the Shixini and Ngabara Rivers along with many more beautiful places along the journey. Through rivers crossing and undulating grass hills and steep cliffs, you’ll end the day at a beautiful beach house with bonfires and an ice-cold beer, making memories.

3 Days

2 Nights

6 - 15 people

5 Days, R32 000

East London – Coffee Bay

Travelling from East London, your journey awaits ahead. You travel to your resting spot for the night, Kob Inn and make your way all the way over the Jujura River and onto the magnificent Shixini point. You’ll spend your night at a cosy beach house at Xora and head to Coffee bay(The best riding spot in the world) and the finale to the magnificent Hole-in-the-Wall that will bring this stunning day to an end, where you’ll hit the sack at a local backpackers. After the final day of rocky mountain and river crossing, we head back home to East London.

5 Days

4 Nights

6 - 15 people

7 Days, R47 000

East London – Lesotho

Starting in East London ending with a Maluti Lager on Lesotho Mountain. We take you on this wild 7-day and 6-night journey. We will explore places like the famous Jacaranda shipwreck, the magnificent Shixini point, the hole in the Wall and Coffee Bay and not to mention we tackle the Devils Staircase to the Makhaleng River. Day 6, This is a big day for the bikers as we tackle the Baboons Pass on our way to the “Place of Smoke” namely Semonkong lodge. On the last day, you’ll have an option of heading downhill to Baboons pass and lunch at Ramabanta Lodge or cross the famous Roof of Africa pass of Music Box into our final overnight stop, the Trading Post. A traditional South African barbeque and lots of cold Maluti Lagers are the order of the day.

7 Days

6 Nights

6 - 15 people

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